Valarie Dowell Transitions from NCAB

Valarie DowellThe leaders of the National Consumer Advisory Board have counted Valarie Dowell, regional representative for HRSA Regions 5 and 7, among their ranks for the past year and a half. Now, Valarie is signing off, so she can concentrate her passions more at home in Cincinnati. As a representative for NCAB, Valarie has assisted with trainings, webinars, and other activities, demonstrating her willingness and steady confidence grounded in her story and her belief in the dignity and worth off all people.

Along with the work she accomplished with NCAB, Valarie will continue to play several other important roles. As a certified community health worker, she serves as program advocate at HCH Cincinnati Health Network. In this role, Valarie conducts outreach to and counsels individuals experiencing homelessness, showing compassion, making connections, and providing critical health information.

Recently, in recognition for her work for Cincinnati Health Network and the additional volunteer work she managed to fit in, Valarie was recognized in a letter from President Barack Obama, who granted her the national “Drum Major for Service” award. If the president’s recognition was not enough though, the people Valarie served expressed their sentiments about what she meant to their lives: “She dedicates herself completely,” “She makes small miracles every day,” “Her great sense of humor is a plus,” and “Valarie will explore any resource to help clients obtain needed services.”

While it is sad to see her move on, NCAB and National Health Care for the Homeless Council staff congratulate Valarie on her hard work. Both organizations look forward to hearing about her accomplishments and stories and benefiting from her leadership again in the future.

Thank you, Valarie!