Teaching Health Centers: A Case Study

word cloud - studentsMany health centers recognize the benefit of having residents serve patients and learn at their sites and, thus, consider themselves to be “Teaching Health Centers” (THC). However, many of these health centers are not accredited and do not receive additional funding for providing these educational opportunities.

Last spring, the National Health Care for the Homeless Council conducted a survey of health care for the homeless grantees on their existing academic collaborations. The findings revealed several advantages of collaborating with academic institutions, some of which have been evidenced in other research. The survey findings provide rationale for why seeking accreditation may be a beneficial endeavor for HCH grantees. In addition to sharing survey results, this case study explores the Affordable Care Act and its role in educating residents; the role of HCH grantees in providing this education; an overview of the HRSA Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education program, which provides resident reimbursement; and the experience of Care Alliance, a Health Center Program grantee located in Cleveland, which is currently in the process of seeking GME accreditation.

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