Community Health Workers at Northeast Regional Training

171Sergio Matos, founder and executive director of the Community Health Worker Network of New York, will deliver the keynote address during the special plenary session luncheon at the 2013 National Health Care for the Homeless Northeast Regional Training. Matos will talk about the meaningful health interventions that can lessen both the human and financial costs of homelessness. He will also explore the need for a collaborative approach to provide meaningful health interventions for our neighbors living on the streets under the watchful care provided by community health workers.

Julia Dobbins NHCHCOver the course of the two-day training, attendees will have the opportunity to meet community health workers from 10 community health centers across the country who are already working towards better outreach and care coordination for approximately 1,700 people experiencing homelessness. Through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Innovation, the National Health Care for the Homeless Council has begun training these CHWs. Julia Dobbins, project coordinator for the CMS Innovation Grant, will discuss the achievements of the project to date.