HCH on Capitol Hill

Jay Williamson photoAt the National Health Care for the Homeless Conference and Policy Symposium, hundreds of conference attendees held over 70 meetings with elected officials and their staff. The meetings educated lawmakers about the great work done by the HCH community and the needs of vulnerable people. The stories we heard about were heartening, with consumers, clinicians, and those new to communicating with lawmakers all saying the experience was fun, rewarding, and effective. Keep up the great work, HCH community!

Some testimonials include the following:

Congressional staff on meeting with a consumer

“Very often, the people who meet with us are here on behalf of consumers. As you said, everyone must be a part of the dialogue. Your personal story is very, very powerful, and I hope you’ll continue to tell it. You’re a very good advocate with a great understanding of all the issues at hand.”

Clinician on her first time meeting with a congressman

“Thanks so much for compelling me to be more involved.  This was my first time organizing a Hill visit. I can’t imagine now coming to DC and not visiting the Hill and letting my voice being heard. I have to use my influence for a greater good and for the betterment of those who depend on me for so much more than prescribing an antibiotic—my ability to make a difference is bigger than that.”