LGBT Health and Homelessness at the National HCH Conference

wayne-centroneHarvey MakadonLearn why LGBTQ health is such a unique issue in health care as Harvey Makadon and Wayne Centrone answer this question and more in the pre-conference institute, Building a Comprehensive Care Model for Serving LGBTQ Populations in Homeless Health Centers. Held the day before the 2013 National Health Care for the Homeless Conference & Policy Symposium, this PCI will discuss how programs can meet the needs of LGBTQ adults and youth experiencing homelessness, will provide an overview of sexual and gender minority health needs, and will review the epidemiology, risk factors, and care concerns for serving the target population. Discussion will also focus on the incorporation of HIV and AIDS best practices into HCH services delivery.

Harvey Makadon, MD, is Director of the National LGBT Health Education Center, Clinical Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and a member of the Division of General Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, where he had a primary care practice for over 25 years and served as Vice President of Medical Affairs. Dr. Makadon developed the country’s first practice to integrate HIV-care into an academic primary care practice. He is Clinical Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and the LGBT Advisor in Harvard Medical School’s Office for Recruitment and Multicultural Affairs.

Wayne Centrone, MD, MPH, is Vice President of the Design Lab at Center for Social Innovation (C4) and a member of the C4 leadership team. Dr. Centrone specializes in homeless, marginalized, and underserved populations. His extensive experience with homeless adolescents and young adults has allowed him to develop novel approaches to outreach and training. As outreach program medical director at a health care for the homeless site, Dr. Centrone brought services to the streets for homeless young adults. He also serves as Executive Director of Health Bridges International, a U.S.-based organization working in international outreach and development.

Drs. Makadon and Centrone will be joined by Jama Shelton, PhD, Rachael Kenney, and Tom Bardwell. Dr. Shelton is the Director of Research at the Ali Forney Center and is a transgender health advocate and expert on LGBTQ youth homelessness and service delivery to LGBTQ youth. Kenney is an associate at C4, a member of the SAMHSA LGBT Advisory Committee, and an LGBT advocate and researcher. Bardwell is an associate with C4 and the State of Massachusetts LGBT Commission and has a passion for LGBT and homeless advocacy.

The Building a Comprehensive Care Model pre-conference institute will be held Wednesday, March 13. The 2013 National Health Care for the Homeless Conference & Policy Symposium will run Thursday through Saturday, March 14-16, in Washington, D.C.