Remembering Sarah

The health care for the homeless community lost one of its own last week as advocate Sarah Davidson passed away on Saturday, September 15, 2012.

A founding member of the National Consumer Advisory Board, Davidson experienced homelessness after a lupus diagnosis forced her to leave her job as a registered nurse in the San Antonio area, where she had a clinic named in her honor.

Former NCAB chair Amy Grassette said that Davidson was a true hero to consumers across the US in her fight to make things better for others experiencing homelessness but her health had begun preventing her from doing as much as she had in the past.

“Sarah had decided that the HCH Conference in San Francisco would be one of her last,” Grassette said. “It was getting too difficult for her to travel because of her health, and shortly after, she went into a nursing home.”

Many more in the HCH community spoke to Davidson’s wonderful spirit.

“She was an inspiration to everyone she touched in her fight for justice and fairness in the homeless world in both her community in Texas and beyond,” said Larry Gottlieb, director of homeless and outreach services at Eliot Community Human Services in Lexington, Massachusetts.

“I will remember Sarah for her strength and her work giving voice to others as they each in turn found their own,” added Sharon Morrison of Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. “I will miss her laughter, rare but contagious.”

Grassette also said Davidson’s last few years were enjoyable ones as she had recently reconnected with her children, which had made her very happy.

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