Council Policy Director Barbara DiPietro Article in Scientific World Journal

The Council’s Policy Director, Barbara DiPietro, published the article “Ill, Itinerant, and Insured: The Top 20 Users of Emergency Departments in Baltimore City,” along with colleagues Dana Kindermann and Stephen M. Schenkel, in the April 2012  Scientific World Journal. A study of the top 20 most frequent users of three emergency departments in Baltimore City found that 18 were homeless, making this the most common characteristic of the cohort.  Representing over 2,000 ED visits within one calendar year (with most cycling between multiple hospitals), this group of patients is fairly young, acutely ill, and has numerous co-occurring chronic diseases.  As hospitals consider diversion initiatives and care transition to community health care providers, they should also consider how to meet underlying needs, such as housing. Read the article.