New Podcast: Advocacy on the Hill

During the 2011 National Health Care for the Homeless Conference in Washington, DC, staff from the Health Care for the Homeless project in Atlanta, Georgia, visited Representative John Lewis in his office on Capitol Hill.  While initially skeptical about the impact these visits could have on their work at home, Cathryn Marchman, a mental health social worker; Bridget Thompkins, a certified medical assistant; and Roxanne Wilhelm, a registered nurse, found some surprises when they knocked on Lewis’ door.  There, they found a warm welcome from John Lewis himself, and were treated to a personal tour of his offices and his personal history with the Civil Rights movement, documented through a myriad of photographs and memorabilia.  Listen to this podcast to hear how their experience impacted each personally, improved their view of advocacy, and integrated their role as service providers into public policy.  The National HCH Council is proud to highlight this example of advocacy on behalf of the staff and clients at Health Care for the Homeless projects nationally.