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The Council is a membership organization that connects you with peers, specialists, and resources to eliminate homelessness through health care and housing. Join us if you believe that no one deserves to be homeless, and that we can do something about it.

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New Healing Hands: Shelter-Based Care for Homeless Populations

The Council’s latest Healing Hands examines Shelter-Based Care for Homeless Populations. Many people experiencing homelessness utilize emergency shelters or transitional housing programs. Conditions in shelters may be crowded and unsanitary and are not always conducive to optimal health practices. Living in these types of settings can exacerbate existing chronic or acute health conditions while exposing people without homes to … More


New Clinical Resources from the HCH Clinicians’ Network

Clinicians who provide care to people experiencing or at risk of homelessness routinely adapt their practices to foster better outcomes for these patients. Since standard clinical practice guidelines often fail to take into consideration the special challenges faced by patients without homes, the National Health Care for the Homeless Council’s HCH Clinicians’ Network has made the adaptation of clinical practice … More

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