Consumer Participation Outreach

The National Consumer Advisory Board is engaged in an ongoing project, Consumer Participation Outreach, to increase the capacity of CABs and other consumer groups to participate effectively in the governance of Health Care for the Homeless projects.

In the initial outreach effort, HCH Consumer Advisory Boards and HCH projects across the country used the same outreach questions to engage in conversations with homeless persons and ask questions about health care. This resulted in a report and recommendations. Later CPO surveys asked about chronic homelessness and access to services, further explored the relationships between health and homelessness, and examined the experiences of violence while homeless.

Reports & Recommendations

Training for Consumer Participation Outreach

Everyone conducting a Consumer Participation Outreach survey is required to watch the training webinar below. After finishing this online training, please complete a brief survey. Completion of this survey is a requirement in satisfying CPO surveyor participation in the research study.