2011-2012 Membership Directory

The National Health Care for the Homeless Council provides the HCH Clinicians’ Network Directory solely as a service to Clinicians’ Network members to facilitate networking by state, clinical discipline, or topics of clinical interest. The network membership represents the various clinical disciplines working in homeless health care including nurses, social workers, physicians, outreach workers, advanced practice nurses, case managers, oral health providers, and more. This online directory is not a complete listing of members or member contact information; members may elect not to be included. The directory is a compilation work and owned solely by the National HCH Council; use of the Clinicians’ Network membership directory for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Who Is Eligible For Membership?

Membership is open at no cost to front-line providers or anyone giving hands-on care to people experiencing homelessness, including but not limited to nurses, social workers, substance abuse counselors, mental health therapists, dentists, outreach workers, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, case managers, health educators, pharmacists, psychologists, and physicians as well as students in these professions. Membership will not expire except upon request or if the National Health Care for the Homeless Council is unable to contact a member after multiple attempts via email and telephone. The National HCH Council will periodically request updated membership information. Please respond to these requests and let us know if your contact information changes. Organizational members of the National HCH Council are encouraged to share information about the HCH Clinicians’ Network membership with organizational staff. Staff members are requested to complete the Clinicians’ Network application themselves, so the Council can capture personal preferences regarding clinical interests and newsletter subscriptions.

How To Join

Complete the National Health Care for the Homeless Council’s Individual Membership Application. Check the option to join the HCH Clinicians’ Network or other individual membership groups in the membership options section of the application.

Benefits of Membership

  • Attend the annual membership meeting.
  • Nominate a colleague for the Award for Outstanding Service.
  • Serve on the Communications Committee which produces the Healing Hands newsletter.
  • Join a committee and shape work in education, research, or member development.
  • Post HCH project job openings on the National HCH Council website.
  • Volunteer or nominate a peer for a Steering Committee term.
  • Comment on how we’re doing and what else we could do to meet your needs by responding to our surveys.