HCH Clinicians’ Network

The Health Care for the Homeless Clinicians’ Network is the nation’s leading membership organization that connects hands-on providers from many disciplines who are committed to improving the health and quality of life of our homeless neighbors. The HCH Clinicians’ Network fosters networking and professional growth among a diverse membership comprised of nurses, physicians, social workers, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, outreach workers, case managers, substance abuse counselors, mental health therapists, dentists, pharmacists, psychologists, and students.

The Clinicians’ Network provides a forum for its members to share the latest information and research, review and make recommendations about clinical practice, and network with peers. It provides valuable resources that can help you excel in your work. The network’s educational offerings and communications will connect you to the best practitioners and models of care.

Please join us in building and strengthening the field of homeless health care.

Mission and Principles

The HCH Clinicians’ Network is a national membership group of clinicians dedicated to combating and preventing homelessness and to improving the health and quality of life of people experiencing homelessness. Organized to provide peer support to clinicians from various disciplines, the Clinicians’ Network actively

  • shares information and experience to enhance clinical practice;
  • promotes clinical research;
  • educates clinicians, communities, homeless persons, and policymakers on the interrelationship between homelessness, health, and public policy issues; and
  • collaborates with other clinical networks, professional associations, and groups working with people experiencing homelessness.

Our mission is based on these underlying principles:

  • the conviction that homelessness in the United States is an intolerable health and social problem
  • a commitment to confront the multiple and complex problems associated with homelessness by using an interdisciplinary approach
  • a commitment to improve the health status of homeless people by providing quality health care services in a holistic manner
  • a commitment to enhance homeless persons’ abilities to care for themselves
  • a commitment to develop leadership abilities, share information, and foster collegiality among clinicians serving people experiencing homelessness
  • a commitment to honor the diversity of those served
  • a commitment to speak out on homeless issues, educate the public, and inform public health policy


The 2010 Amended Bylaws can be viewed here.

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