Homeless Young Adults Ages 18-24: Examining Service Delivery Adaptations.


National Health Care for the Homeless Council.


Nashville, TN: National Health Care for the Homeless Council, 2004. (Report: 42 pages)


This report is organized around four main topics: health care, housing, education and employment, and social support. In sections devoted to each of these topics, brief descriptions of service barriers are followed by recommended short and long-term strategies for overcoming them. Young adults in the U.S. are uniquely vulnerable to homelessness. Estimated numbers of young adults who experience an episode of homelessness each year range from approximately 750,000 to 2 million, and are believed to be increasing. This is a problem facing both young individuals and families. The predominant theme of this report is that late adolescence/early adulthood is a developmental stage during which appropriate supports can make an especially important difference (authors). Available From: National Health Care for the Homeless Council, P.O. Box 60427, Nashville, TN 37206, (615) 226-2292, council@nhchc.org, www.nhchc.org/Publications/younghomelessadult1.pdf