Comorbid TB and HIV in a Chronically Homeless Male: Social Isolation Compounds Stress of Medical Confinement.


Barker, A., Alvarra, M., Caughlan, J., Post, P.


Homeless Health Care Case Report: Sharing Practice-Based Experience 1(2): 1-7, 2006. (Newsletter: 7 Pages)


Of all tuberculosis (TB) cases reported in the United States between 1994 and 2003, over 6 percent were among persons classified as homeless during the 12 months prior to diagnosis; 34 percent of TB-infected homeless persons tested nationwide had coinfection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). In Maryland, the reported number of homeless persons with TB increased more than threefold between 2003 and 2004- from 4 cases (1.5 percent of all reported cases) to 15 cases (4.8 percent). During the same period, the overall incidence of TB in Baltimore increased from 4.9 cases to 5.6 cases per 100,000 population, while the national case rate decreased from 5.1 to 4.9 (authors). Available From: National Health Care for the Homeless Council, P.O. Box 60427, Nashville, TN 37206, (615) 226-2292,