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Homelessness often begins with illness and escalates into problems with money, employment and housing.
Health problems cause 62% of all personal bankruptcies in the United States.
Without homes, people experience illness and injury 3 to 6 times more than housed individuals.
People experiencing homelessness die an average of 30 years earlier than housed individuals.

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Consumer Participation Outreach Report on Enabling Services Now Available


A 2013 Consumer Participation Outreach research project of the National Consumer Advisory Board, Exploring Enabling Services as Bridges to Care, addresses the value of enabling services for people experiencing homelessness. The final report is now available.

The National Consumer Advisory Board is engaged in an ongoing project, Consumer Participation Outreach (CPO), to increase the capacity of CABs and More →

In Memoriam: Eugene Ulysses Maner

UlyssesManerThe National Health Care for the Homeless Council celebrates the life journey of Eugene Ulysses Maner, which ended suddenly on November 18, 2014. Ulysses was a founding member and chairperson of the National Consumer Advisory Board, and had served on the Council’s Board of Directors. During his own recovery, Ulysses gave back as a staff member at the House More →

Kaiser Family Foundation Releases Report on Medicaid Expansion and Homelessness

kaiser-family-foundation-health-insurance-costsThe Kaiser Family Foundation, in collaboration with the National Health Care for the Homeless Council, has released a new issue brief examining the early impacts of Medicaid expansion on people experiencing homelessness and the health centers that serve them. Based on focus groups with administrators, clinicians, and enrollment workers at Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) grantees in five states, … More →

New Policy Brief Now Available: Homeless Health Care in Non-Expansion States

current-status-of-the-state-medicaid-expansion-decisions_08-28-2014A new policy brief is now available: Living and Working in the Coverage Gap: Homeless Health Care in States Yet to Expand Medicaid.

This policy brief provides detailed about the challenges and solutions identified through stakeholder interviews with HCH leadership, enrollment staff, and consumers in non-expansion states. The material is intended to allow HCH projects to learn strategies from More →

Living and Working in the Coverage Gap: Homeless Health Care in States Yet to Expand Medicaid

November 13, 2014 | 1-2 p.m. Eastern

State decisions whether to expand Medicaid eligibility under the ACA have huge ramifications for state health care systems, fiscal stability, and safety net programs. One of the most pressing issues is the coverage gap that remains in states yet to expand where residents earn too little to purchase private plans on state or More →

Meeting the Health Center’s Mission and Margin: Making the Business Case for Integrated Community Health Outreach Programs

December 16, 2014 | 1-2 p.m. Eastern | Register

Health Care for the Homeless programs provide a wealth of clinical services to consumers in community-based settings. There is an opportunity to further expand and improve community-based services through strong health outreach programs that are well-integrated with the goals and structures of an organization. However, the impact of outreach on health … More →

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